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Lathrop Realty Lathrop Realty Lathrop Realty Lathrop Realty Lathrop Realty

Lathrop is one of Chicago's most recognizable neighborhoods and home to 1,975 residents on the city's North-Central side. The architecture is an easily identifiable trait of Lathrop. 7 residential properties were sold/purchased in the last year. The average selling price for those properties were $1,150,286 which is roughly $276 /SqFt. Lathrop is located in zip code 60614, home to families, with an average size of 2.3 members. The average age of Lathrop resdidents is 35.7 years.

Lathrop Real Estate Facts

  • AVERAGE AGE: 35.7 years
  • AVERAGE INCOME: $80,500
  • AVERAGE RENT: $1,538
  • SINGLE HOUSE: $333,317
  • 2 UNIT: $149,685
  • 3 UNIT: na

Lathrop Real Estate



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